Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Announcing: Orange County EPIC Startup Accelerator- Pitch Your Company

Southern California startups can now look to a local group to help them prepare for rock-star growth.
Elevator Pitch Insight & Counseling- (EPIC) is an Orange County based mentoring and quasi-accelerator program.  They were formed to help startups looking for funding, companies that need to learn how to take their business to the next level, founders that want to commercialize their mobile app, and many other entrepreneurs.
The group was formed with the basic idea that one of the key components of success in most businesses and in life is the ability to clearly, concisely, and QUICKLY convey your story.  The common term used is the elevator pitch, which is usually some short message to get across who you are, what you do, and a call to action (what you are looking for).  The more you can practice and refine your elevator pitch, the easier it becomes and your potential for success can grow.  The more you can effectively and quickly put not only your company, but all your ideas out there, the quicker you should be able to get feedback and make any necessary pivot or change to your plans.
They are looking for people with passions for entrepreneurship, start-ups, angel investing, venture capital, and business in general.  They welcome ideas and will provide Meetup and other events for networking, workshops, elevator pitch competitions or practices, speakers, hackathons, and mentoring groups.  They do not currently provide any forms of direct funding, but may look into partnering with angel and other investors to incorporate seed financing for approved companies and further develop the program.
They know that you can't do it alone and need support, so consider this your support group.  Stay tuned for more information and apply to join their Meetup group to learn about future events.  You can view their Meetup group at http://bizla.ws/Mukqg8.
For questions or for more information, you can also email me through the "Ask a Lawyer" contact form on this website www.SiliconValleyStartupAttorney.com